With Hudson Data's bike club hosting service you can provide club members the ability to lead rides, share cue sheets and documents, purchase club products and services, and stay connected to other members.  Fully automated membership control allows people to purchase memberships online and immediately provide privileges to areas of the website dedicated to paid membership. 

An automated ride calendar function allows members to post rides with complete details (including Google maps start locations) for riders to view, comment on, share, and optionally have emailed to them on a daily basis. 

A full featured forum allows members to communicate. Ride routes can be created and uploaded to the cue sheet repository for sharing. There is also the capability of allowing members to "lead a ride" which automatically pre-fills ride fields.

No other club hosting service is dedicated to the sport of cycling or provides such an array of features as Hudson Data's bike club hosting.  Programing knowledge is not required to add or change content.  Assigned members with publishing privileges uses a WYSIWYG editor similar to a commercial word processor. 

We provide reasonably priced plans that are not based on the number of members, top notch service, and a passion for cycling.  Whether your club is of modest size or caters up to 10,000 members, Hudson Data delivers.  Please review our Features, Support, and Pricing then schedule with us to preview our fully functional demo site.  You will be given login credentials to fully explore the site as a member and as an administrator to experience all the potential for your bike club.  Call us 410-356-2399 or email for details.

A preview sample of the website without member privilges can be viewed HERE.