• All rides and events are displayed in a calendar user selectable between grid and list views
  • Popup ride summary when mouse hovering over listing
  • Popup with ride details when clicking on event
  • User selectable display time span from day to year
  • Google maps summary of all ride starts for a given period
  • User selectable calendar filter to display only rides or events for specific categories
  • Ride comments
  • Ride information can be printed, downloaded or shared through social media
  • When posting rides fields are available to include all relevant information including predefined ride starts
  • User can view all rides within a selected distance from home
  • Today's rides (or the next several days) automatically displayed on home page
  • Members can opt in to receive email notification of next day(s) rides

Cue Sheet and Document Library

  • Customizable and searchable library of member submitted ride cue sheets and documents
  • Popular, predefined information fields to describe rides including selectable predefined ride starts
  • Members can upload their cue sheets in several popular formats such as pdf, Word and Excel
  • Administrators can organise the library by region, distance sub categories, etc.
  • Very convenient "Lead This Ride" option allowing members to prefill all fields for a scheduled ride saving work
  • Comments and ratings can be left for each cue sheet


  • Fully customizable member forum to share postings
  • Messages are organized by categories and sub categories
  • Member editor with selectable icons to create postings
  • Assignable moderator to edit and supervise postings for appropriateness
  • Newest posts visible on front page
  • Members can subscribe to topics to have responses emailed to them directly


  • Automatic membership control.
  • Members can join online for instant access or mail a check and manually activated
  • Club managers can view all member information on the website
  • Club managers can view number of rides posted by quantity or name
  • Members can opt in to allow fellow members to view their contact information
  • Allowance of up to 10,000 members
  • SSL encryption to secure passwords

Product and Service Sales

  • Beside membership purchases, products or other services can be offered for sale
  • Products can be paid for using Paypal checkout or other services
  • Products can include photos and selectable options such as size and color

Mobile Friendly

  • fully responsive design that will rearrange layout to render on small screens such as smart phones

Information Sharing

  • Many forms of content can be added organized by added menu items

Current Weather

  • A module showing current local weather conditions is available on the home page

Access level Control

  • Powerful user access level control allows creation of multiple user groups
  • Any level of privileges can be set for each user group for complete control over site access